Understanding Chronic Pain and Depression

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How Chronic Pain Can Impact Your Mental Health When You Have Kidney Disease By Hannah Calkins Chronic pain and depression are closely linked and because as many as 60 percent of hemodialysis patients report moderate to severe chronic pain, it’s likely that many of them have experienced depression—or are at risk for it. But it may not look or feel the way you expect, according to psychologist Robert Kerns, PhD. “Depression among people with chronic pain may not be experienced as profound sadness,” says Kerns, a professor of psychiatry, neurology and psychology at Yale University. “Other symptoms may be more likely [...]

4 Whole Grains to Add to Your Diet

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By María Eugenia Rodríguez León, MS, RD, CSR, LND, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist https://menutritionpr.com One of the recommendations given for following a healthy diet is choosing half of your daily grains as whole grains. Whole grains can help in preventing some diseases (e.g., diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease).1 A whole grain has the three original parts of the seed: bran, germ and endosperm.2 Bran is the edible part surrounding the seed. It contains antioxidants, B vitamins and fiber. Germ is the seed embryo. It is the part that has the potential to become a new plant. It contains [...]

Spoon-Saving Strategies

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By Sara Naveed Raise your hand if getting out of bed feels like an accomplishment to you, if you have ever felt the need to nap after taking a shower or if being tired feels like it's a part of your personality now! How about constantly finding yourself in a push/crash cycle—pushing way past your limit one day and then paying the price for it in the form of heightened symptoms and having to rest several days in order to recover? Don't worry—you're not the only one! We currently live in an era where we are constantly fed the narrative that [...]

Managing Chronic Pain in Dialysis Patients

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By Amanda Nelli, MD and Padma Gulur, MD Pain is a complex symptom and a common concern for all patients with a chronic illness. In particular, end-stage renal disease (ESRD) poses unique challenges. It has been found that 37-50 percent of patients with ESRD on hemodialysis experience chronic pain, and more than 80 percent of these patients experience moderate to severe pain.1 Pain in dialysis patients often goes undertreated, which may be because it is often caused by multiple problems. The pain experienced in dialysis patients is often a combination of physical, social and psychological influences.2 There are multiple medical [...]

COVID-19 Resources for Dialysis Patients

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Updated May 6, 2020 Earlier this month the President signed the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act,” which is a bill that will increase funding to several federal programs in response to the COVID-19 viral outbreak. The bill aids Americans in the areas of healthcare (including COVID-19 testing), nutrition, paid sick leave, unemployment, family and medical leave, and more. Below is a list of resources for dialysis patients to help them get additional support during the COVID-19 viral outbreak and beyond. Resource topics include: disability, financial assistance, nutrition, healthcare, housing and utilities, jobs, transportation, women and children, daily living, and staying [...]

New Resources for Teens

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These booklets were developed for tweens and teens who learn their kidneys are not working and they will need dialysis or a transplant. The booklets provide a brief overview of coping with kidney disease, being part of their health care team, the importance of diet, taking medication, and treatment methods. They also touch on feelings related to having a chronic illness, family and friends, and being a teen. The development of both booklets included input from kids currently on dialysis, parents, adults who had kidney disease as children, and nephrologists.  Although both booklets are similar, one focuses on teens who learn [...]

Where Kidney Patients Can Get Help with Medical Bills and Employment

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There is a resource—developed by patients with kidney disease—that provides an overview of where to get help with medical bills and employment. The types of medical bill tips highlighted include: An overview of Medicare coverage for people with End-Stage Renal Disease Where you may find help in getting supplemental coverage for the 20% Medicare doesn't pay Assistance for special populations (e.g., veterans, children, people with disabilities, etc.) Programs that help cover expenses related to health insurance premiums, living organ donation and medications. Assistance provided by some electric companies for home hemodialysis patients Employment tips [...]

Dialysis, Caregiving and Emotional Health

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By Hannah Calkins Dialysis is life-changing in many ways. It may be what makes your life possible, for one. But it may also significantly impact your daily routine, your sense of self and your relationships—and it may impact all three if your significant other or another close relative has taken on a caregiving role. You and your caregiver may be new to this situation or coping with it long-term. Either way, psychologists and social workers who work with people with kidney disease and other chronic illnesses can help you both manage your routines, navigate conflicts and maintain—or even enrich—your relationship through [...]

Quick Guide for Receiving Medical Services Not Offered by Medicare

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Thousands of Americans with end-stage renal disease rely on Medicare for their healthcare needs. However, there are some medical services, such as dental, vision and hearing, where Medicare coverage is lacking. If you are on Medicare and need these services, here is a three-page guide that provides free and lower-cost treatment resources. Check out the guide.

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