The DPC Education Center provides a variety of ways for you to learn about kidney disease, its treatments, and how to have a positive quality of life. One of the ways we do this is through E-Learning or Online courses.

Advantages of Online Learning:

  • Fits any schedule
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Can also use your smart phone or tablet in various places away from home
  • Apply the information and skills learned immediately
  • Interactive and opportunity to connect with others
  • Explore topics more in depth

Take advantage of the rich community features as you sign up for the programs. You can engage with others to sharpen your strengths and skills as well as to learn from each other. By sharing our experiences, we may gain support, new ideas, and confidence in our choices.

Explore the topics within each course with a variety of activities, including watching videos, reading articles, practicing, and participating in discussions. Go at your own pace as you learn about the course topics and the easy access to additional resources provided.

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Advocacy Basics

Exercise and the Benefits to You and Your Kidneys

Kidney Disease and the Family

Back Neck pain. Painful woman holds with hand her lower back

Understanding Pain and Effective Ways to Live With It

Sepsis and Kidney Disease

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