New Online Pain Management Course

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DPC Education Center is now offering an online, free-to-use resource center to learn more about chronic pain and effective ways to live with it. In the program, you will explore the concept of pain, learn ways to talk about it, and discover methods of managing pain including medication, alternative medicine, nutrition and exercise, self-management, and laughter and humor. You will also have the opportunity to tell your story and hear from others about their experiences. Check out the Course

Are Pupils the Answer to Pain Evaluation?

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Some researchers are exploring a new method for measuring pain that involves studying the pupils of a patient. After observing an involuntary response in pupils as a result of pain or medication, a device was developed that "measures a patient’s pupillary response and, using proprietary algorithms, provides a diagnostic measurement of pain intensity, pain type and, after treatment is administered, monitors efficacy." The traditional method for measuring pain involves a 0 to 10 scale that is subjective and self-reported. This approach increases the chances for misdiagnosis, over-treatment or under-treatment since it is not objectively measured. Benefits for this new approach include [...]

Resources for People Living with Chronic Pain

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If you missed last week's webinar on Relieving Pain Through Laughter, the recording is now available. In addition, here is a list of resources for people living with chronic pain: Books Explain Pain, 2nd (2014) David Butler and G. Lorimer Moseley. NOI Publications. Painful yarns, Metaphors & stories to help understand the biology of pain. (2012). G. Lorimer Moseley. The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer. (2014). GL Moseley & DS Butler. Your Fibromyalgia Workbook, A Neuroscience Approach to the Understanding and Treatment of Fibromyalgia. (2013). Adriaan Louw.   Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products. Why Do I Hurt? A Patient Book about the Neuroscience of [...]

Relieving Pain Through Laughter

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Joyology is the lifestyle that skillfully blends laughter, humor, and attitudes to help recover from difficulties and re-awaken the joy of being alive. During this webinar you will: 1) learn about joyology as a lifestyle, 2) discover ways to manage pain and 3) understand how laughter can help ease pain. Presented by: Mary Laskin, MN, RN, ACNS-BC and Steve Wilson, Psychologist, The Joyologist

Mindfulness May Help Dialysis Patients Decrease Pain

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An article published by Medical News Today reports that mindfulness may be an effective way for some people to decrease chronic pain, and mindfulness meditation may decrease pain more effectively than some standard treatments. The findings may provide alternatives for dialysis patients who are looking for ways to manage their pain. Mindfulness is the state of an individual being present and aware of their actions and surroundings in a way that is not exceedingly reactive or anxious. Some people have a predisposition to being more mindful, and thus report lower levels of pain on average. However, mindfulness can be increased with [...]

Understanding and Managing Chronic Pain Recording and Slides

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If you were unable to attend last month's education seminar, the recording is now available! Please see the video below for details. In addition, download the slides. We want to keep getting better. Please help us by sharing your comments and suggestions here: Webinar Review In some studies, over 70% of people with CKD report chronic pain. If you are one of the 70%, or if you take care of them, this program will give you medical and non-medical ways to understand, reduce, and manage chronic pain. You may not eliminate it completely, but you can make pain a much smaller [...]

FDA Increases Focus on Warning Labels for Everyday Painkillers

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The Food and Drug Administration is stepping up to improve the warning labels on non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDS.  Studies find that using these medications are linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The move comes 10 years after warnings were added to prescription pain relievers, but researchers have found that over-the-counter medication also contains risks. Health officials caution patients not to take more than one drug containing NSAIDs at a time and to seek medical attention if they experience symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. Patients should contact their physician with any questions about NSAIDs. [...]

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