DPC Raises Alarm on Health Workforce Shortages

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Jackson Williams, DPC Vice President of Public Policy Fifteen years ago, the Institute of Medicine report, “Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce,” warned of looming health workforce shortages due to demographic changes. Has the era foreseen by that report arrived? Media reports indicate numerous instances of hospitals declaring “contingency standards of care” or ordering ambulance diversions due to staffing shortages. Average emergency department visit times have risen to 160 minutes, up from 143 minutes in 2020, according to government statistics. Medicare beneficiaries who are intermittent users of health care facilities will probably not know [...]

DPC’s 2023 Advocacy Day

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Megan Hashbarger, DPC Vice President of Government Relations In October 2023, DPC held its’ annual Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. This year, we were able to bring over 50 patients to D.C. from 23 different states. Unfortunately, due to Covid complications and for the best safety of our patients, we did end up having to make their Hill meetings virtual. Despite this, we were still able to meet with almost 60 Congressional offices about issues facing dialysis patients such as the need for access to Medigap and private insurance. We were also able to host a day of [...]

How Transplant Changed My Life Forever

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Adrian Ropp, DPC Patient Ambassador It was Christmas and I was home to visit my parents for the holidays. It was the first time I had traveled there in a year without my dialysis equipment or a schedule to visit a clinic. A brave police officer named Albert had recently lost his life, but he had registered as an organ donor. Because of this, I was celebrating a Christmas I had not expected. It happened (and believe me, it is a story that would take this whole article) that my savior’s family - his wife Lori and their [...]

Ask the Doctor April 2024

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Velma Scantlebury, MD, DPC Education Center Health Care Consultant 1. Will a transplanted patient who receives a kidney from a diabetic individual become diabetic? Diabetes results from a lack of the ability of your body to produce/and or use insulin effectively. If a kidney is used from a deceased donor who is diabetic, it is often biopsied to make sure that the kidney is not damaged from diabetes. Some transplant patients are at risk of becoming diabetic due to the anti-rejection medications used, including the use of steroids to treat rejection episodes. Therefore, your risk of becoming diabetic [...]

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