Quality of Life

You can thrive and enjoy life even though you have kidney disease. Look at the ways you can help determine how you view your life going forward. Determine if employment works for you as well as the benefits of staying active, your mental health, and staying socially connected with others.

CKD and ESRD will  often affect your physical quality of life. You may experience such conditions as fatigue or being more tired than usual, toxin build up in your body, sleep difficulties, anemia, bone loss, and additional chronic conditions. You may find that once the diagnosis of CKD or ESRD is made, you will be able to work with your physician or nephrologist to improve some of the physical conditions that you are experiencing.

Although people may fear going on dialysis, it also can bring relief and they start to feel better. It will be necessary to look at the pros and cons of each treatment choice as each choice may affect your quality of life. It is also important  to participate in the decision. Those that choose to do home dialysis often say that they have more energy and are less tired because they do more frequent dialysis. People that choose a transplant also tend to have more energy after the healing process. For people who choose to do in-center dialysis, they often plan their most active days on non-dialysis days and rest more on their dialysis days.

Get Your Sweat On! Exercising for Healthier Kidneys

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