Dialysis does not mean the end of your life! You are still able to perform many of the tasks that you did prior to dialysis but patience and planning are necessary. Please read the following tips provided by Fresenius Medical Care (www.freseniusmedicalcare.com).

Talking to the staff at the dialysis centers.

  • Writing down questions ahead of time and inform family members about changes in treatment.
  • Finding out as much as possible about the illness through a National Kidney Association or Society, local or national support groups, written materials, and educational classes.
  • Staying involved in the pleasures, activities, and responsibilities of daily living.
  • Finding time to exercise at a level that suits your individual limits and to enjoy the outdoors. Please consult with your physician to find out appropriate exercise options for you.
  • Sharing your feelings with family or close friends and other patients.
  • Seeking help from a social worker at the dialysis unit, transplant clinic, or from an outside counselor if family or personal problems need further attention.
  • Setting realistic goals in adjusting to all lifestyle changes.

Leisure time

Leisure activities are important because they have been shown to increase mental and physical stability and have a positive effect on your general well-being. Find leisure activities that you enjoy and discuss with your dialysis team whether they are suitable for you. Spend time with family and friends, go on trips together and do not isolate yourself from social activities. It is important not to “get lost” in your illness, but instead maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

During physical exercise, make sure that you maintain your strength and plan regular breaks. Do not force your body too much. The sports which are particularly suitable for you differ depending on the therapy modality.


Doing dialysis regularly does not mean that you can no longer go on vacation. It is possible to have your dialysis performed in other dialysis centers or maybe even other places with peritoneal dialysis, also abroad. You can continue to lead an active life, discover new places or simply enjoy the sun!