With in-center hemodialysis (HD), a patient goes to a dialysis center where a staff of nurses and technicians administer the treatment. During this type of treatment, the blood is removed from the body through an access point. The blood is then filtered through an artificial kidney, or dialyzer, and returned back to the body through the access point. The blood is filtered many times during treatment to remove wastes and maintain the body’s chemical balance.

In-Center Hemodialysis occurs in a dialysis facility three times a week, at a scheduled time, with each treatment lasting 3-5 hours.

The treatment is usually done during the morning or afternoon although some facilities offer hours later in the day to more easily accommodate people who are employed.

Nocturnal In-Center Hemodialysis

Another option at some facilities is nocturnal in-center hemodialysis which is administered during the evening at a dialysis facility. The nocturnal dialysis process usually lasts for eight hours and is done three nights a week. For this particular treatment, the hemodialysis machine is set at a lower pump speed for better comfort levels for the patient. This type of treatment allows patients to have their days free.

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