Home Hemodialysis

When your kidneys have started to fail, a nephrologist will present you with options to receive dialysis. One of these options, is Home hemodialysis (HHD). HHD is a type of home therapy available in which the patient can undergo dialysis treatment in his or her place of residence. This type of treatment can be done on a schedule convenient to the patient and his or her care partner.

There are three types of home hemodialysis: standard, short daily and nocturnal. All of them require a hemodialysis machine for the patient’s home, which is available from multiple companies. A patient, along with a required care partner, will set up the machine and learn how to perform dialysis. Receiving treatment at home requires the patient and/or care partner, to learn how to put the needles into the access point. The patient and/or care partner will also need to learn how to monitor the machine and take and record vital statistics during treatment. The patient’s home must have a room capable of accommodating the dialysis machine and water treatment, depending on the type of machine selected. The patient and his or her care partner will go through extensive training with a home dialysis training nurse to learn the procedure and troubleshoot any issues that may occur. 

Standard home hemodialysis occurs three times a week in time intervals of three to five hours. The schedule is similar to in-center hemodialysis treatment. 

Short daily home hemodialysis has a shorter treatment time but requires more frequent sessions. The average is five to seven days each week for two and a half to three hours, resulting in even fluid and toxin levels. This treatment is more convenient for people who like to travel, as there are portable machines available.

Nocturnal home hemodialysis is when treatment occurs during the night while the patient is asleep. Treatment sessions can range from six nights a week to every other night, lasting six to eight hours per session.

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