Get tips on going gluten free on dialysis, read more about the importance of charitable assistance and how to cope with waiting on the transplant list.

In this Issue:

  • A Future for a Kidney Transplant from Closed Doors: A caregivers’ perspective
  • Complications That Can Happen During Dialysis, and What Patients Can Do
  • Attitude is Everything
  • A New Way to Treat Your Anemia
  • Going Gluten Free? Think Twice if You Have Kidney Disease
  • The Importance of Charitable Assistance
  • Airports, dialysis units and mindfulness
  • Won’t You Stay Just a Li­ttle Bit Longer?
  • The Waiting Game: How to Endure the Transplant Wait List
  • Patients Share Their Stories Through Kidney Patient Views Podcasts

President’s Message

Dear friends,

As I watch the flowers on my patio grow and bloom this summer, I am reminded of how the Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) Education Center is growing in both membership and programs. We appreciate your input and feedback as we continuously fulfill the mission of our organization to improve kidney patients’ quality of life and to reduce the occurrence of ESRD through education. As we develop new programs and resources, we want to make sure you know about them as soon as possible. So, in this issue of the newsletter, there is a membership postcard for you to complete to ensure that we have your current contact information.

Communication and education go hand- in-hand. We want to learn more about who you are and what you would like to learn more about. We want to share information about our monthly webinars, E-News, updates on public policies, our new Facebook page, our newsletter, and new resources on our web site. You, in turn, can share what topics interest you, ask questions, request copies of resources, and provide feedback to us. Together, we can build a strong community of people committed to our mission of patient empowerment through understanding and knowledge.

Your information and feedback guide us in our desire to meet your needs. For example, last year on our annual membership survey, we learned that you wanted more information on diet and nutrition. This year, we have a monthly recipe posted as a blog on our web site and each of our newsletters has an article on nutritional topics of interest to people with kidney disease. In addition, two of our monthly webinars this year feature a dietitian discussing aspects of traveling while staying on a kidney diet (June) and how to shop for kidney-friendly foods (upcoming in October). Each of our webinars is recorded and available for viewing anytime on our web site. We also address other quality of life topics at your suggestion, such as coping with kidney disease, depression, intimacy and sexuality, and setting goals.

In addition, we will have four issues of our newsletter, the Kidney Citizen this year. We listened when people asked for more articles from people living with kidney disease. Now, in each issue, you will find personal stories and articles written by people who have kidney disease and frequently you will find articles written by caregivers. Our newsletter contains valuable information for those newly diagnosed with kidney disease as well as for those who have been living with ESRD for years. Of course, you are always welcome to let us know what topics you would like to see covered.

I want to assure you that our patient-led organization is active in the global kidney community and will advocate for you, keep you informed, develop new projects and resources, and seek your input as we move forward with our mission’s goals. Your membership information will help us to do this. Please complete the enclosed membership form today to help us know more about you and to have a direct way to share with you. I look forward to our continued communication and thank you in advance for your input.

Nancy L. Scott
DPC Education Center
Board President