New medical treatments and products are continually being developed for people living with kidney disease. Part of the development process for high quality, scientific, and safe options is through research to test the treatment or product before it becomes available on the market. This phase of research is called a clinical trial or a clinical research project. People can volunteer to be part of a clinical trial if they meet the specific requirements for the study. You might consider participating in the research process for many reasons including if it has a personal meaning for you or if you want to give back in an effort to help other patients. Some clinical trials reimburse patients for expenses or provide the treatment used in the trial at no cost, but sometimes there are no financial payments. To learn more about what a clinical trial is, questions to ask, reputable projects, and to determine if it is right for you please review the following resources.

Article: Clinical Research 101: Participating in a Trial

We also have included a sample of links to organizations that conduct research trials for you to explore. This list is provided for your information only and does not mean that we specifically endorse any of the organizations.