Airport Screening Resources for People with Disabilities or Medical Conditions

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There are airport screening resources available for people with disabilities and/or medical conditions that are planning to fly. These resources include: Contact information for TSA Cares where you can ask questions and express concerns related to airport screening Information about connecting with a Passenger Support Specialist and/or customer service manager at the airport (Note: the level of assistance will vary) Enrollment information for TSA Pre✓®, which may result in shorter lines and wait times at the airport Additional information about what to expect during the airport security screening process if you have a disability or medical condition A link to download [...]

Traveling Tips for Individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease

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The thought of travel may seem intimidating because of your dialysis schedule, but a little planning can make it easier. Ask your local dialysis center or your doctor’s office for help finding a dialysis center away from home. You or a loved one can also visit or call 1-866-889-6019 toll free to speak with a dialysis placement specialist. If your dialysis is done at home, either with hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, you may also want to consider contacting one of the services listed above, as traveling with the necessary supplies or finding space to do your dialysis may be difficult. Be sure [...]