GREETINGS! This past year was an exciting one for the Education Center. We ramped up our social media platforms, allowing more direct exposure and interaction with our audience, including monthly LIVEs on Instagram and Facebook. Dr. Velma Scantlebury, our medical consultant, was available on Instagram every first Wednesday and on Facebook every third Wednesday—both occurred at 12:30 pm. Our support group, the Kidney Chat, was the second Tuesday of each month by telephone. Nephrologists, nutritionists, and social workers (just to name a few) were guests on the call, and shared important information and resources with patients. We also published an informative issue of the Kidney Citizen (our own publication!), which I encourage you to check out, if you haven’t already!

This year will have much of the same with additional information to aid patients, professionals, and caregivers. Our focus is always on empowering patients, and we hope that by supplying educational tools and information, we can help you in your kidney journey. Knowledge is empowerment! If you would like to see more information and/or resources about a topic, please contact us. We exist because of you! Thank you!

Nancy L. Scott
Education Project Manager