Preparing for National Kidney Month

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As Black History month comes to a close, and national kidney month is about to begin, it’s important to think about the relationship between kidney health and African Americans. Kidney disease can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. However, African Americans are disproportionately affected by kidney disease for a variety of reasons including genetics and socio-economics. Compared to other ethnic groups, African Americans have higher rates of diabetes and high blood pressure which are the two leading causes of kidney disease. While most patients may be aware of their diabetes or high blood pressure, many don’t know these conditions [...]

Celebrate World Kidney Month

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The 10th anniversary of World Kidney Month is drawing to a close! The goal of World Kidney Month is to prevent kidney disease and related diseases from happening, since one adult out of 10 across the world currently has kidney disease. World Kidney Month aims to prevent kidney disease by educating people on the importance of their kidneys. It also aims to raise awareness of high blood pressure and diabetes, the most common causes of kidney disease. Because there are little to no symptoms of kidney disease, most people are not even aware that they have it until it reaches the later stages, [...]

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