Nothing is more iconic of summertime and family time then s’mores.  “But,” you say,  “s’mores have…shhhh [whisper] chocolate.” No worries here though! Chocolate never shows up on the “Do Have” renal diet list, due to its high phos content.  A classic s’more with two graham crackers, 1/2 bar chocolate, and one large marshmallow has 97 mg phosphorus, 128 mg potassium, and 151 mg sodium. This does not mean that s’mores are out though.

Non-chocolate s’mores are fancy, trendy, and super yummy.  We experimented with 3 different non-chocolate s’more variations to keep the dietary phosphorus at bay: Butterscotch Chip S’more, Lemon Curd S’More and Cookie Butter S’more.

Butterscotch Chip S’mores

Cookie Butter S’mores

Lemon Curd S’more