At DPC and the Education Center, we understand how imperative it is that we keep our members abreast of the tools available to help ensure quality of life. We often collaborate with other organizations that are consistently advocating and educating for the rights and information for renal patients to be equipped with the necessary knowledge about renal disease. For the past several months, we have focused on our collaborators. This month’s focus is NephU. We urge you to explore their website and stay tuned to our continued updates of how this organization will impact the efforts of DPC. The following information is taken from their website.

About NephU:

NephU is an engaged community of health care professionals and advocates collaborating to improve kidney health. Through increased awareness, collaboration, and information-sharing, our mission is to improve the future outcomes for individuals with kidney disease and other related conditions. From online webinars, to live events taking place throughout the country, NephU events provide opportunities to discuss management of kidney disease symptoms and other related conditions together.