Touring with Pitbull while on dialysis? David Rush didn’t let his diagnosis stop him!

David Rush is a platinum selling recording artist signed to Pitbull’s label, Mr.305 inc. As a patient in center, home, transplant recipient and back to home David Rush truly knows what it means to live life while on Dialysis. As a Nxstage patient David took his machine on a 40 city world tour in 2009 with Pitbull as an opening act. In present-day David Rush is now married with two children after a successful transplant in November 2010 that was given to him by his brother. David went back to Home Hemodialysis in January 2017 when his transplant failed. He works now as a patient consultant and Advocate for Nxstage Medical while all still pursuing his dreams on a daily basis.

When: April 12 at 3:00 PM Eastern