Can you get the mortality risk reduction benefits being a “weekend warrior” instead of just regularly active? A recent systematic review and meta-analysis of four published cohort studies on the topic suggest just that. The four studies, published between 2004 and 2022, totaled 426,428 participants (weighted mean age, 44.5 years) and looked at the relationships between different physical activity patterns and the risk for adverse CVD outcomes. “Weekend warrior,” which is one or two sessions per week, “regularly active,” which is multiple sessions spread out over the week, and inactive were all looked at to see if weekend warrior and regularly active participants fared better than inactive participants for CVD outcomes using self-reported questionnaires.

In meta-regressive analysis, both weekend warrior and regularly active activity patterns were associated with very similar risk reductions in CVD mortality and all-cause mortality. This could be good news for people who aren’t always able to meet physical activity recommendations due to busy lifestyles – even just getting out on the weekends can decrease mortality risk.

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