While February is usually associated with hearts for Valentine’s Day, it is also American Heart Month, where Americans are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyle choices in order to prevent heart disease. The heart and the kidneys work closely together, so when one isn’t healthy, it can have  an impact on the other. If you have kidney disease, you also are more likely to have heart disease.

So, what are some ways you can help your heart thrive as a kidney patient?

  • Eat a heart-healthy diet (think fruits and vegetables, high quality proteins, and avoiding foods that contain high levels of sodium, phosphorus, or potassium).
  • Manage high cholesterol
  • Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your day (this can be walking!)
  • Manage your blood sugar, if you have diabetes
  • Manage your blood pressure, if you have high blood pressure
  • Be sure to talk all medications, exactly as prescribed by your doctor
  • Quite smoking, if you smoke

American Heart Month is a great time to learn more about heart disease and how exercise, a healthy diet, good sleep and close relationships can help you stay healthy. Learn More>>