Number of End-Stage Renal Disease patients statewide: 2,329
This state offers Medigap insurance to dialysis patients under 65.

Idaho Dialysis Patient Resources

Patient Support and Financial Resources

National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho
Provides financial assistance, transportation and laptop computers for kidney patients living in Utah and Idaho.

ESRD Network

#16 Northwest Renal Network
4702 42nd Ave SW
Seattle, WA  98116

State-Run Programs

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

  • Adult Programs: Idaho Medicaid Program Health coverage for: people aged 65 or older; blind, disabled; women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer; pregnant women etc.
  • Programs for Children: The Idaho Health Plan Coverage: CHIP/Medicaid provides low-cost or no cost health care coverage to eligible children.
  • Additional Programs: Access to Health Insurance (AHI) A premium assistance program that makes health insurance more affordable for employees of qualified small businesses.

Health Reform Status:

Exchange: Idaho will run its own state-based health insurance exchange.

Medicaid: It is not known at this time whether the state will expand Medicaid eligibility.

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