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Presented by: Harvey Mysel, two-time kidney transplant recipient

During this webinar the following points will be covered:

  • Learn about the benefits of receiving a kidney from a living donor
  • Learn how to talk to others about kidney donation
  • You don’t need to “ask” someone to donate, it’s all about “telling your story”
  • Join us to develop a plan for a successful living kidney transplant experience

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About the Presenter:

Harvey Mysel is a two-time kidney transplant recipient. Harvey founded the Living Kidney Donors Network after he realized that those in need of a kidney transplant weren’t getting the information they needed to become successful at finding a living donor. Through his workshops, webcasts and personal consultation with those in need, Harvey has helped hundreds through the transplant process. Harvey has presented for patients at transplant centers, dialysis companies, National Kidney Foundation affiliates, the PKD Foundation and many other organizations that support those who need a kidney transplant.

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