Education Seminars

Current Seminar:

Communicating Effectively With Your Health Care Team
presented by the Forum of ESRD Networks

This webinar was planned with the Forum of ESRD Network’s Quality Conference Planning Committee and will be presented by members of the Forum’s Kidney Patients Advisory Council (KPAC), others living with kidney disease and professional ESRD staff.  


Do you ever have concerns that you need to bring up to your health care team but you are hesitant to do so? During the program we will talk about barriers to communication and how to navigate through them. We’ll include tips for effective communication, how you can address grievances, how to be an advocate for quality care, and how to be a respected member of your health care team.


After the program, you will have access to a Toolkit written by patients for patients developed specifically to guide patients in improving communication with their healthcare team.”  

When: Thursday, August 17th at 2:00 pm Eastern