Early symptoms include:

  • Changes in your urination (more or less frequent and changes in color)
  • Fatigue/tiredness (healthy kidneys produce a hormone that helps produce red blood cells)
  • High blood pressure (can cause kidney disease or vice versa by weakening arteries that supply the kidneys)
  • Inflammation/swelling (weak kidneys have a problem removing excess waste; this waste can cause your body to swell)

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Later stage symptoms include: 

  • Increased changes in urination patterns (blood in the urine, foamy appearance, producing much more or less and frequency issues)
  • Increased fatigue (muscle soreness, lightheaded, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches)
  • Increased swelling or inflammation
  • Pain in the lower back around your kidneys
  • Poor growth (seen in children since kidneys control many metabolites growth is impacted)
  • Toxin build up (bad breath, itching, nausea, metallic taste or rashes)